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What would your top three priorities be if elected governor of North Carolina?

The natural physical State of North Carolina is unique, in that it has a lot to offer us, the citizens. From the mountains of the west side to the ocean shores of the east side, North Carolina is not only a beautiful state, she is rich with natural resources and fertile grounds. As long as we take care of her, she will take care of us with all she has to offer. We must create an environment and economy that attracts businesses and people to North Carolina. Currently, North Carolina is one of the highest taxed states in the country and with an above-average unemployment. The largest employer in the largest city of North Carolina (Charlotte) is the state unemployment check. This is a direct reflection of the current and past leaders of that area.

The first thing I would do to help current businesses grow and to attract other businesses to North Carolina is to eliminate the property tax. I personally had a friend that was the plant manager of a Black & Decker plant located in Fayetteville that relocated to Mexico. He had told me that it was property tax that forced them to relocate to Mexico, not labor cost. Eliminating property tax will also stop forced annexation, which is just another costly expense on the local citizens and businesses and only helps the local government and utility companies. I believe in a flat fair tax for everyone. No exceptions, no deductions, no nothing.

Second, the state needs to invest in itself. From the clean mountain waters, over the fertile pastures to the abundance of the ocean seafood. There are so many opportunities within the state to help the citizens, businesses and government flourish and grow. From the small business bait and fish shops to the large researching, discovering and tapping into all the natural resources that are available here and expanding and preparing the coastal shipping ports to become more of a major player as a global hub for America. Agriculture is the largest gross product in the state. We need to support, encourage and grow with it. Instead of looking to the federal government for hand outs, we should be looking to North Carolina.

Third, before the next elections in two years, my goal is to totally revamp the procedure we use to vote. Our state and country begin with the vote. Voting is our existence. Voter ID is crucial. Dead people and illegal immigrants should not be allowed to vote. The makers of all voting equipment and software used in the voting process in North Carolina will be held responsible for any defects, break downs or improper reporting that affects the outcome of the election process. All voting days should be state holidays, and all state government offices and schools should be closed in order to allow everyone the opportunity to vote. Early voting should be reserved only for those who cannot vote on vote day due to circumstances out of their control. Nothing should come before voting on vote day.

Given the current state of the economy, as governor, what would you do to add jobs and boost the economy here?

Along with what I said to Question 1, I would support existing vocational-type trade schools and the establishment of more. Trade schools that offer direct, to-the-point, hands-on training are designed to move individuals from unemployment into the workforce in a short amount of time. With a workforce of capable and willing individuals, North Carolina can move the economy into the future.

Do you support the proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage in North Carolina as between one man and one woman?

Our society has created this situation be being prejudiced and not treating all people equal. Because there are marriage tax breaks, insurance premium marriage breaks, etc. Example: When I got divorced three years ago after a 23-year marriage, my taxes and premiums went up simply because I was no longer married. Nothing else changed. I still have three children and alimony. If there were no financial benefits to being married, the gay community probably would not want to be married as badly.

Now, to answer the question, I believe that marriage is a church activity and enacted by God. God says it is between one man and one woman. We do not have the authority to overrule God’s word. Only a priesthood holder who is performing his duties in that office has the authority to marry. I also believe that a magistrate does not have the authority to marry anyone. He or she is not performing the duties of a priesthood holder. A magistrate only has the authority of civil union, not marriage. So, the real question is, do we believe in civil unions within the gay community?

Do you support raising the sales tax in North Carolina to restore cuts in education funding?

No, I do not support raising the sales tax. I do support restoring cuts in education funding.

The foundation of every society begins with securing the borders, keeping it safe and educating for survival. That means police, military, fire, emergency response, medical and teachers, etc., are the foundation. Once that foundation is built, we can continue building on it, however, we cannot take away from it. It must be maintained in times of not building. Our politicians have chipped away at the foundation, risking our lives and our futures for their personal gains. When the economy is slow and cuts must be made, those cuts must come from above the foundation. Cuts must first come from non-essential areas, and when the economy is so bad that further cuts must be made, those cuts come from politicians' paychecks.

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