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What would your top three priorities be if elected governor of North Carolina?

My total platform as running for governor consists of one plank and one plank only. We should take 5 percent of the available lottery money and invest it in a growth endowment so that one half of the income is spent annually and the other half plowed back into the corpus of the fund so it continues to grow year after year after year. This way, someday we will begin to cut taxes more every year until, at some point, taxes are not necessary in North Carolina.

Any questions that might arise while I’m governor will be referred to the legislature, with the idea that this is your problem. Study it seriously and determine what is best for the people of North Carolina and not just for your party. I shall put forth the full weight of the governorship on members of the legislature to now becoming great statesmen and stateswomen who are willing to look at every issue from the view of what is good for the people. I will give special attention to the new members of the legislature. They have just proven themselves to be good politicians; I expect to nurture them to become great statesmen and stateswomen leaders of the people of North Carolina.

As governor, I may have to rattle the rafters of the halls of the legislature on occasions to get this point across. I know how to rattle the rafters and will do so if necessary to get the legislature to begin to think in terms of the people instead of the party.

Given the current state of the economy, as governor, what would you do to add jobs and boost the economy here?

As we look at the great state of North Carolina and dream of its future, there is nowhere for our taxes to go but up, unless we plan now to help taxes to come down. As governor, I want to lead the good people of North Carolina in an effort to cut taxes by investing in the growth endowment.

Do you support the proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage in North Carolina as between one man and one woman?

Seriously consider all the sides of this very important issue and then to vote for what fair for all the citizens of North Carolina. That way, we will expect many of our good politicians to become great statesmen and stateswomen instead of party politicians.

Do you support raising the sales tax in North Carolina to restore cuts in education funding?

I’m proposing my way of a growth endowment to increase funding every year, and this certainly will go to education for many, many years. This extra funding will go towards education.

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