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What would your top three priorities be if elected governor of North Carolina?

Over the past six years, I met with a group of top level owners, operators and managers of Charlotte’s largest banks, corporations and service providers in an informal family setting. This small group is among the wealthiest and most influential Americans, and they invite me there to participate because I have a wide perspective and they think I make interesting conversation. I could be wrong, maybe they just like my jokes. The monthly meeting is held in a large home in South Charlotte. We discuss everything from family and religion to international trade and water-fountain gossip. A lot of the issues are about money, so we move this up to top spot:
1. Creating jobs by taking down roadblocks to startup business, small business, and individual ownership.
2. Eliminating the “kiting” in the real estate market making housing more affordable.
3. Taking away mandatory insurance as the letter of the law provides superseding accountability.
4. Removing the hovering credit stigma that prevents financial personal and business recovery.

5. State managed health through direct community employment of medical staff on a local level.

As governor, I would follow in this direction: 1) create more jobs 2) lower taxes 3) communicate progressively. Here is the odd part, all the candidates will need to address these same issues. My perspective and personal integrity will allow me to do a better job then they have. Our incumbents and career politicians have failed us, and it is time to remove them.

Given the current state of the economy, as governor, what would you do to add jobs and boost the economy here?

This question is just a restatement of the earlier question.

Do you support the proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage in North Carolina as between one man and one woman?

I have a gay younger brother, Bart, and other friends and think of the only reasons to include or exclude the amendment would be for financial privilege or benefits, exactly what the rest of married couples currently enjoy under our tax laws. The moral or religious question is not the one for the office of the governor, as the office of governor and my position is to support and maintain the forum that allows the discussion and debate of the issue, not pick a side on this issue. Making it a personal agenda is reserved for those it affects monetarily, morally and religiously. If that is the only reason besides intolerance, then the money issue should be addressed separately from the religious or moral. I am not the flag carrier in the cause, but will defend to the death their right to equality under the law.

Do you support raising the sales tax in North Carolina to restore cuts in education funding?

No, when elected governor of North Carolina, I will evaluate and endorse the proposal of (fellow Democratic candidate) Dr. Bruce Blackmon, who is the only person so far that has come up with a workable solution to education funding.

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