Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan

Mugshot of Omar Hassan, terrorism suspect

Birth date: May 15, 1987
Nationality: U.S. citizen

- 1 count of conspiring to provide resources to terrorists
- 1 count of conspiring to murder, kidnap and injure persons abroad

- Daniel Boyce (court-appointed)

- Lives in Raleigh
- Graduated from Cary High School
- Attended N.C. State University, majoring in sociology
- Engaged

- Traveled to Israel in 2007 to engage in “violent jihad” but returned home after the effort failed, according to a federal indictment

Criminal history:
- Pleaded guilty in 2004 to assault for pointing a firearm; he maintains he showed a BB gun out a car window
- Pleaded guilty in 2007 to assault on a female in a case involving his fiancee; she denies anything happened
- Pleaded guilty in 2009 to false imprisonment stemming from Dec. 28, 2008, kidnapping and robbery charges; spent 41 days in jail