Dylan Boyd

Mugshot of Dylan Boyd, terrorism suspect

Birth date: Not available (age 22 in July 2009)
Nationality: U.S. citizen

- 1 count of conspiring to provide resources to terrorists
- 1 count of conspiring to murder, kidnap and injure persons abroad
- 1 count of selling a firearm to a convicted felon

- Joseph E. Zeszotarski Jr. (court-appointed)

- Also known as "Mohammed," according to federal indictment
- Son of suspect Daniel Patrick Boyd and brother of suspect Zakariya "Zak" Boyd
- Graduated from West Johnston High School in 2005
- Attended N.C. State for two years, studying psychology
- Met suspect Omar Hassan at N.C. State, who introduced him to suspect Ziyad Yaghi
- Worked at LabCorp. as a phlebotomist
- Lives with parents in Willow Spring
- Married. Wife, Zenat "Zi Zi" Boyd, is expecting a child

- Traveled to Israel in 2007 to engage in “violent jihad,” but returned home after the effort failed, according to a federal indictment
- Deposited $16,000 in bank on July 21, 2009, according to FBI testimony
- Carrying legal concealed handgun when arrested, and federal agents had to subdue him when he wouldn't comply with orders, according to FBI testimony