Teens divvy up $75K for charities

Posted November 14, 2010 10:57 a.m. EST

— More than 200 teenagers from 11 North Carolina counties on Saturday decided how to divvy up $75,000 among charities that work in their communities.

The teens took part in a daylong seminar in Raleigh organized by the North Carlina Youth Giving Network.

The money came from various nonprofits and foundations, and the teens were challenged to pick worthy projects that would be effective at making a difference in lives and communities.

"The Girl Scouts have a camp where they build up little girls' self-esteem. It's run by teenagers helping middle schoolers," Katia Carson, of Hickory, said. "We gave them $2,000 last year."

This year, one group of teens decided to use its money to start a tutoring program. Another planned to open a closet offering free prom dresses.

The North Carolina Giving Network, which was founded in 2003, teaches middle- and high-school students about philanthropy. The teens go through a yearlong process of raising money, taking proposals for various charitable projects, picking what projects to fund and staying in touch with nonprofits that receive funds.