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Posted September 5, 2008 8:41 p.m. EDT
Updated September 5, 2008 9:16 p.m. EDT

More than a dozen locals gathered at the A+W Grocery and Grill in Stem this morning to talk about the news of the day.  Unlike those of us who rely upon the Internet, television or newspapers for daily news updates, news in small towns still travels the old-fashioned way-word of mouth.  Today they had a lot to talk about.  One of their own, the mother of two small children, is missing.

28-year-old Kelly Morris never made it  to work  in Raleigh Thursday.  The home she shared with her husband and children just outside of Stem nearly burned to the ground in a suspicious fire.  Her car was found abandoned a mile away.  Her keys, purse and cell phone were found inside of the car.   As of the writing of this blog investigators are still searching for Kelly.  They spent the afternoon in the rain with search and rescue dogs combing the ashes in the home for clues.

Nancy Alford, the store owner, says she sees a disturbing trend in our state and our country, too many women are turning up missing.  She says it is should be a wake-up call for all communities that we need to do a better job of protecting women.  Because if  things like this can happen in Stem she says, they can happen anywhere...

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