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Goldman on AdvancED review

Debra Goldman, Wake County Board of Education vice chair and District 9 representative, issued the following statement Wednesday.

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Wake County Board of Education Vice Chair and District 9 representative Debra Goldman issued the following statement Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011:

After careful consideration and conversations with constituents, educators, students and parents, I believe it is time for the Wake County Board of Education to accept the review process proposed by AdvancED. I believe the dialogue with AdvancED has created a chasm between our two institutions which, while understandable, is not in the best interest of our students.

At some point, regardless of the righteousness of my concerns regarding the complaints filed against the Board, the authority in the accreditation process lies with the accrediting agency. While some board members may have concerns with the way that authority may be ultimately executed, I do respect AdvancED’s position to enforce their process on their accredited schools. As both a parent and a school board member, I value the accreditation process, and I am gravely concerned for our students and their prospects for future success, particularly graduating seniors, if we refuse to participate in the review.

I would hope that AdvancED would consider a careful review of their policies regarding complaint handling in light of this unfortunate conflict between our two fine institutions. This is neither a partisan nor a political issue, but rather one that directly affects students and parents across the County. As we focus on student achievement, a review of our processes can only help us to make our fine school system even stronger.

Therefore, I will support moving forward with the accreditation review and I will meet with AdvancED when they come for our review. It is critical that we finalize this matter so that we can move on to other important issues, such as school funding, student achievement, community-based schools and school assignment.

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