Wake schools meals go online, get healthier

Posted August 18, 2010 8:41 a.m. EDT

— While the price of meals at Wake County schools will go up by a quarter this year, students will bid good-bye to Moon Pies, and parents will be able to go online to pay – and see what their children have been eating.

Breakfast will cost $1.25 in middle and high schools and $1 in elementary schools, according to a news release. Lunches will cost $2.25 in middle and high schools and $2 in elementary schools. The cost for reduced-price lunches will stay the same, at 30 cents for breakfast and 40 cents for lunch.

This year, parents will be able to pre-pay for meals and manage their children's lunch money by creating an account at

Parents will be able to see what their child has bought in the past week. They can also place restrictions on what their child can buy, such as "Lunch Only" or "Snacks only on Fridays."

The software system should be in place by Sept. 30.

Wake County schools are also continuing efforts to offer more healthy food.

Moon Pies and other less popular snack items will no longer be served in elementary schools. Whole-wheat hamburger buns and hoagie rolls will replace white-bread versions.

The menu will feature more locally grown fresh produce, such as cantaloupe, romaine lettuce and varieties of North Carolina apples.

Vending machines in middle and high schools will no longer have snacks with more than 200 calories or packages with more than one serving. Higher-calorie snacks will be replaced with healthier, low-fat versions.

Parents can check the Wake County Public School System's website to see the monthly menu at their children's school.