Smart Start Kids

Smart Start Kids  is a TV show starring 3-to-5-year-old children. This program is produced by WRAL-TV, in cooperation with the NC Partnership for Children/Smart Start. In each episode, local children share their "news," explore their world and talk about their experiences. Each week, Ms. Willa, host of Smart Start Kids, and the children engage in fun activities that promote healthy child development and serve as positive examples for viewers.

Catch Smart Start Kids
WRAL-TV (Raleigh) – Saturday 10 a.m.
WILM (Wilmington) – Sunday 5:30 a.m.
WUNC-TV (Statewide) – Sunday 6 a.m.
WJZY (Charlotte) – Sunday 7 a.m.
WMYT (Charlotte) – Sunday 10:30 a.m.  – available anytime

Call In
We encourage you to help your child call our Smart Start Kids phone number to share his/her news!

  • Dial 1-888-912-3450
  • Tell your first name
  • Say the town/city where you live
  • Tell us your news

Before calling, help your child decide on a news item to share, such as "What I did on my summer vacation?" or "Let me tell you about our new puppy!" Please be sure to turn down your TV volume, so your child's voice can be heard clearly.

By calling our toll-free number anytime, children can share "their news" with Ms. Willa! These call-in stories are used on our program, complimented with electronic illustrations depicting the children’s stories.

After you or the child dials the number, your child will hear a greeting from Ms. Willa. She asks your child to give his or her first name, where he or she is calling from, and then to "tell me your news." We encourage you to help your child with prompts, such as "What happened next?" If your child stops talking, the operator automatically says, "Do you want to continue?" Our editors will edit out your prompts, so only your child's voice will be heard on-air.

To learn more about Smart Start Kids, or how your child can participate, contact:
Janet Walters, producer
1-888-912-3450 (toll-free)

If you call the toll free number, you will hear Willa invite children to shares their news. After Willa's welcome, you may leave your voice mail message for Janet.

For more information on Smart Start Kids content, contact:
Phyllis Parish, executive producer

To order a copy of Smart Start Kids, please contact:
Jamie Hoarty
5917 Stable Ct.
Raleigh, NC 27612

Please order by the date the program aired. Each DVD is $25, shipping included. Send your check to Video Contact at the above mailing address. Be sure to include your mailing address. When payment is received, your DVD will be mailed to you.