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Sacred Space

Posted December 19, 2005 10:41 a.m. EST

There's no question we've heard grousing this year about "the season." It seems like we've heard the complaints more often this year. Maybe that's the result of my maturing memory or maybe it is reality.

Either way, the debate rages and somewhere between Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays are the complaints about commercialism, people singing carols off-key and parking space thieves. Even I have complained a few times. Imagine that.

Now I wonder if there's another way to think of this glorious season? Is it possible that we want and need a little festivity in our lives? As I was flying in to the Triangle Sunday night I noticed some dreadful light displays...and some that were actually artful. Then, as I drove from the airport I noticed a small strand of lights over the door to a very small house.

I was so struck by the simplicity that I drove around the block and stopped in front of the house. Sitting alone in silence, I thought, "Let there be light."

It's a core claim for those of us who claim a Christian heritage. It IS the basis of our seasonal celebration.

Sitting there in silence, I also realized that maybe a few more reports on our diversity are not only needed, but required. We have so much to celebrate in this country. Whether we wrap it in garland, Kente cloth, an Islamic head covering, a Yarmelke or swaddling clothes, may we all unwrap the gift of knowledge and acceptance that we are a free people with opportunities never before known.

May we never forget why so many travel so far risking all they have just for the chance at a better life.

Each of us can create sacred space that can be made festive by our efforts to make this earth a better place for all of humankind.

No matter what we call it, let's just do it.

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