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Mr. Speaker.........

Posted April 4, 2006 2:16 p.m. EDT

As of this posting three democrats in the North Carolina House of Representatives have called for Jim Balck to either resign as speaker...or resign his legislative seat. A caucus may soon be called for a broader discussion of what the house members should do...and possibly what Jim Black should do.
Last week I spoke with several lobbyists who have known Black for years. Even those who seek his favor...many who have donated to Black campaigns...are split. One told me, "I just can't see him staying and being such a magnet for publicity that nothing really gets done in the short session."
But another told me, "Jim Black is a good guy and a damn good lawmaker. If he goes, the state loses."
Those are comments from people who follow state government.
Most North Carolinians don't. Most are more worried about high gas prices, mortgages, whether or not their children may be on drugs, their aging parents, their own medical bills, their son or daughter or grandson in Iraq. Most simply don't have the time to really focus on this.
It's up to us...the media to help people better understand what's a stake here. Hold our feet to the fire...help us help you better understand that you deserve a government as good as you.

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