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New York Family Welcomes Its 10th Child

Posted July 11, 2018 4:35 p.m. EDT

— A Long Island couple just welcomed their 10th baby, which is certainly not unheard of, but a growing anomaly on Long Island due to the high cost of living.

But that hasn't stopped this mom and dad.

Baby Savannah Lee rounds out the Hernandez pack to an even ten. Five boys and five girls have been born in 15 years to Dawn Marie and husband Joey, a couple who started out on the fence about having kids.

"When we first got married, we decided we were going to have none," said Dawn Marie.

The Coram couple changed course when Joey, who was brought up in foster care, reconsidered the joy of family.

"Just being around a lot of children I guess… once you have one child it's great, then two and three – it doesn't matter how many you have," said Joey.

"Love it, this is my life being a mother," said Dawn Marie.

Add to that life a full time job as a nursing professor at Adelphi University plus, she 's studying for a doctorate.

"Good husband that's the key," said Dawn Marie. "My husband is so supportive of my career, the children, the household work, that you could do it."

"If you make it hard it will be hard, if you make it easy you make it easy," said Joey.

He makes it look easy while also running his own successful fine art installation business.

"We have a lot of support of friends, tons of support they think it's amazing. Some of them have two or three and bang their head," said Joey.

No one was less amazed than the doctor who delivered all ten children at Good Samaritan Hospital, something of an oddity on Long Island.

"In today's day and age, financial restrictions and everything else that goes on this is really unique and great experience," said Dr. Joseph Livoti. "I think it's all about love."

But love doesn't pay the bills.

"And that's why I continue to pursue my education to show the kids that you can have a large family and still go to school have a career and have a nice life," said Dawn Marie.

A life that includes a lot of milk, 21 gallons a week, daily laundry and coordination. And after each delivery, 4 of them by c-section, they've told their doctor they're done.

But is ten the lucky number?

"Only time will tell whatever God wants for our family," said Dawn Marie.

Comfortable in this eight bedroom home with a brand new extension and a steady supply of extended family to round out the childcare.

Joey is 52-years-old and Dawn Marie declined to give her age.