New turn lane at Crabtree Valley Mall will reduce Glenwood Ave traffic

Posted May 8, 2016 10:18 a.m. EDT
Updated May 13, 2016 9:37 a.m. EDT

A new turn lane will reduce traffic congestion at the mall's main entrance.

— Construction begins Monday on a left turn lane that will improve Glenwood Avenue access to Crabtree Valley Mall, the largest enclosed mall in the Triangle.

The additional lane at the mall's front, main entrance will make a big difference to mall visitor-related traffic on Glenwood, an area known for its traffic congestion.

When completed, the new lane will double the number of cars that are able to turn left from Glenwood Avenue into the mall, near The Cheesecake Factory and Kanki, during each light cycle. Officials say this will significantly reduce the wait time for vehicles attempting to enter the mall's main entrance from the direction of US 1/I 440.

The new dual lane pattern will also extend onto the mall’s blue deck at the main entrance. This lane expansion, when paired with a new down ramp that was constructed last fall, will enable cars traffic to enter the deck from Glenwood Avenue more efficiently. The projects are all part of a major traffic and parking enhancement initiative created by Crabtree Valley Mall in 2015.

Construction will be completed on a median on Glenwood Avenue at night to minimize daytime traffic disruption. The new lane should be completed within six to eight weeks.