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New Mom: I'm obsessed with these bibs

You know you're a mom when ... you're obsessed with a particular bib.

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Kira Kroboth

You know you're a mom when ... you're obsessed with a particular bib.

I quickly learned that babies need at least five clean bibs a day. There's a lot of drool, and often spit ups, that soak the things. And the wrong bib can equal wet clothes. Which means outfit change. Which isn't fun more than twice a day (play clothes and pjs).

I also learned that I hated most of the bibs on sale at the stores. The velcro attached itsef to everything in my washer and dryer (even if I fastened beforehand). Asher learned to jerk the velcro ones off his neck fast, too. So, snaps became a priority.

And, I really wasn't a fan of the little dogs and cats and ducks and stuff on the bibs around town. I wanted simple, stylish drool-catchers.

So, I turned to etsy.com for some handmade bibs. (Among other things that have turned out amazing, which I'll cover at another time.) I've purchased several types from a few different sellers, and boy do we have a winner! Introducing, the drooler bib sold by Two Modest Mamas.

The perks:

You get to pick out your fabrics if you don't see something listed in her store that you love. Every bib comes backed with super soft fleecy material, and no matter how much drool Asher produces this bib locks it in and keeps him dry. Its short size and shape keep it from swallowing up his outfit and getting in his way when he plays. And the snaps always coordinate with the fabric you choose. Who wouldn't love that detail?

(Also, this mama is from North Carolina and turns out her son's name is Asher, too. This bib-baby match was clearly meant to be.)

I've had three orders sent to my house now. I can't get enough of these!

So, yes, I'm this pumped about a little bib.

Kira is back after taking a brief blogging hiatus. She is the Raleigh mom of baby Asher. Read more about her adventures on her blog Grits, Grins and Gripes.

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