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New Mom: Get these mesh feeders for your teether

Kira sings the praises of mesh feeders and finds one that doesn't get all gunked up.

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Asher Kroboth enjoys his mesh feeder
Kira Kroboth

I love mesh feeders. With lunch and as an afternoon snack, Asher gets a piece of fruit (usually frozen) in his feeder. The frozen fruits are great for his sore gummies. I just buy pre cut and bagged fruit at the store and pop one in. His current favorite is the strawberry. Followed closely by peaches and mangos.

Here's the lesson I'd like to pass along.

I originally bought a two-pack of mesh feeders at Target. (The brand name escapes me, but to date they are the only ones available.) They were great, until it came time to get the fruit (especially the banana) out of the mesh. It was so embedded I had to toss it. Same thing happened with the second after a few uses.

Then, I discovered these Sassy feeders at Babies R Us. They have replacement mesh bags you can buy separately. Much less waste. And much easier to clean since these feeders come all apart. The ability to chill them and put the storage cap on top is good for traveling, too.

So, lesson learned. The Sassy feeders take home the gold!

Kira is the mom of baby Asher. Find her on her blog Grits, Grins and Gripes.

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