New McCrory ad: good fries

Pat McCrory has a new ad out answering two critics.

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Mark Binker
Republican Candidate for governor Pat McCrory has a new ad out answering two recent attacks (here and here). In the ad, a young woman talks to a middle-aged man (they could be father and daughter, but that's not explicit) at a lunch counter about "TV attacks" by "folks who want to keep things going the same way in North Carolina."

The ad takes swipe a Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, the gubernatorial nominee. The woman says that "the guy running against Pat" wants to keep Perdue's policies, to which the man responds, "Is he not well?"

The laugh line - intentional or not -- of the ad comes at the end when the young woman says, "We have to change. That's McCrory. Good guy. Good plan." The man then kicks in, "Good fries."

Update: Dalton's campaign spokesman, Schorr Johnson, responds by calling the commercial as a negative ad, something that McCrory pledged not to air: "Pat McCrory’s ‘clean campaign’ pledge was a lot like day-old French fries: cheap, greasy, and headed for the garbage."


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