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New Jersey lyme disease cases reach highest level in nearly two decades

School is almost out, and so are ticks.

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Summer Delaney
NEW JERSEY — School is almost out, and so are ticks.

More than 5,000 cases of lyme disease were reported in New Jersey in 2017. That's the highest number in nearly two decades according to the state's health department.

Dr. Elizabeth Chalom of Saint Barnabas Medical Center in West Orange, N.J. says the most common lyme disease symptoms are rashes. But parents should be mindful that not all cases should be looked at the same.

"Many people never notice the rash at all, so just because you don't have a rash doesn't mean you don't have lyme disease," said Chalom.

Earlier this week Sen. Bob Menendez and health officials discussed state efforts in reducing cases.

"We have to ramp up local, state and federal efforts to combat the spread of tick-born infections," said Menendez.

Lyme disease is treatable with antibiotics. The most important thing for parents to know is to get your kids diagnosed early.

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