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New food bank in Northern Johnston County: Food drive on Saturday!

Posted November 9, 2012 1:01 a.m. EST


There's a new food bank in Northern Johnston County and they are having an open house and food drive on Saturday! If you live nearby, maybe you can stop in with a few cans of food or boxes of stuffing or cereal to donate for those in need.  It has only been open for 4 weeks, but they are already serving enough folks that they are running out of food.

Here are the details about the food drive from Bonnie, one of our fellow Smart Shopper readers and one of the food bank organizers.

Food Bank name and address:

Building 3:23 (From Romans 3:23)

73 Wilder Road

Middlesex, NC 27557

(919) 296-9207


They are in Northern Johnston County in the Corinth Holders Community just off of HWY 39, about 1 mile from the intersection of HWY 39 & HWY 231 at the crossroads known as “Emit”.

According to Bonnie, "Our core group of 9 began this nonprofit with founders Randy & Angela Pace. We are in our 4th week at the food pantry and were open two nights per week. Our 1st night we served one person, second night 12, third night 23, fourth night 33, fifth night 32 and last night 34. Our core group stocked the food pantry to begin this service and have kept it going ourselves with donations from friends and families. Last night we made the decision to cut back to one night per week until we can get some more folks on board to host food drives for us and some grocery chains to come on board. We have applied to the NC Food Bank and nothing will happen with that until after the first of the year."

Hours of operation: Monday’s from 5pm-6:30pm.

To drop off donations: Food can be dropped off anytime by calling the above number as Randy & Angela live next door.

Open House and Food Drive:  They are having an open house & food drive, Saturday, Nov. 10th, 4pm-until. The theme is “Share the Bounty” and they are hoping to fill up wheelbarrows full of food. They will have some light refreshments as well.

Items they accept: Cereal, grits, oatmeal, pop tarts, canned vegetables, pasta, pasta sauce, jelly, peanut butter, tuna, ham, chicken, spam, treat meat, mac & cheese, rice, tuna helper, chicken helper, saltine crackers, dry beans, sugar, juice boxes or bottles of juice, powdered or liquid shelf milk; shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes; flour; cornmeal; pancake mix; pancake syrup; soup – canned or prepackaged dry soup/noodles.

On Dec. 1st, they are hosting their 2nd “Crazy Love Reverse Yard Sale” – folks that stop in to purchase yard sale items are surprised to learn that there is no sale – all items are “FREE” – if you need it – take it.

On Dec. 16th, they are hosting a free spaghetti dinner for those folks we have served at the food pantry. This will be our Christmas gift to them.

Eligibility to receive food: Currently they serve anybody that stops by


Thanks for your interest and for sharing this information.