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New eat-in 'dog cafe' opens in India

Posted April 17, 2016 12:38 p.m. EDT

Dog cafe opens in India

— The "Puppychino Cafe," a new restaurant for dogs and their owners, opened Saturday in New Delhi.

Cafe owner Mallika Tandon was inspired to open Puppychino after she got her dog Simba.

"Whenever I used to go out, I used to feel very guilty leaving [him] behind at home all alone. So then I thought of opening a cafe where dogs could go out to hang out with their [owners] and play with other dogs as well," she said.

The Puppychino is New Delhi's first dog cafe. Pet owners are encouraged to bring both cats and dogs for food, playtime and interaction with humans and other animals.

Human visitors can pick their own meals from a menu of milkshakes, pizzas and pastas before selecting dinner for their dogs from a customized dog food menu.

After they eat, the dogs and cats can play in a dedicated play space and "shop" for dog leashes, collars, treats and grooming tools.