New Dalton video, ad targets African American voters

Posted September 27, 2012 12:58 p.m. EDT
Updated September 27, 2012 1:18 p.m. EDT

— Walter Dalton is reaching out specifically to African American voters in a new on line video that his campaign staff says will air on television in a shortened form next month.

The ad features several prominent African American leaders, including Sen. Floyd McKissick, Sen. Eric Mansfield, Guilford County Commission Chair Skip Alston, Rep. Earline Parmon, Raleigh attorney Dan Blue III and the Reverend Paul Lowe of Winston-Salem. They and others talk to the camera and are critical of McCrory's record, particularly his support for Voter ID. 

As those in the ad talk, scenes from the 1960s civil rights protest roll on a screen behind them. "Pat McCrory doesn't need to be Governor, he needs a history lesson," Blue says in the ad. 

Asked what prompted Dalton to target African American voters, campaign spokesman Schorr Johnson said African Americans for Walter Dalton is one of several affinity groups -- including educators and women -- that have formed around the Dalton campaign.

"In campaigns, there obviously is targeting to different audiences. But Walter Dalton's message is the same wherever he goes," Johnson said.

Update: A response from McCrory campaign spokesman Brian Nick: "Walter Dalton continues to make deeply offensive and negative attacks against Pat McCrory in a desperate and pathetic attempt to salvage his floundering campaign. Dalton's continued flagrant political attacks won't improve his standing in the polls because North Carolinians are looking for a leader like Pat McCrory with the experience and vision to fix the state's broken economy and broken government."