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New clothing line for women carrying concealed weapon

Alisha James knows her way around a weapon.

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Terry Bulger
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — Alisha James knows her way around a weapon.

She's a retired Metro police officer. She's been a federal probation officer and firearms trainer for six years.

James has also always loved fashion. Two year ago, she had an idea that put the two together.

"I wanted to create a suit that will allow women to feel like a woman, but also capture the importance of functionality for the gun carrier," James said.

So James created Ten-Four Clothing, a clothing line dedicated to a certain kind of woman.

The suits and business attire have a little extra room for comfort and a weapon.

"In our long pants, they're made for a woman's body, but allow enough room for an ankle carry," James said. "So women can carry on their waist with the reinforced waistband and have a tailored pant that allows for a firearm."

James created hats and t-shirts to raise name recognition for the clothing brand.

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