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Neighbors say predator on loose in Sandy Springs, Atlanta

Posted May 18, 2018 7:59 a.m. EDT

— Parts of Sandy Springs and Atlanta are on edge after neighbors say there is a suspected predator on the loose. And what's worse is that police say at this point, they can't do much about it.

The man is using a $50 bill to try and lure people to his car.

Apparently, the first time was on Rickenbacker Street. CBS46 spoke to a woman who says hours later, he drove up to her with the same routine. She's not sure what he may do next so she's sending out a warning.

"I was standing over there in the grass," says Meredith Sidewater.

It was then that Sidewater says she was suddenly approached by a white man in a bright blue sedan.

"He came over to this lane, close enough that he was able to drop the money," she said.

Sidewater says he drove off and came back to Mount Paran Road, this time pulling up right in front of her.

"[He] said, 'Hey, I dropped $50 on the ground. Can you get it for me,'" she recalled.

But something seemed off, so she said no.

"When I told my husband about it, he said I feel pretty certain that when you approach the car to give him his money back, he's probably going to be exposing himself to you," she said.

Sidewater decided to warn other women.

"I reported it on Nextdoor Chastain, which got a lot of attention. That's where we learned about the other incident occurring," she said.

A man posted a similar story, saying that same day, his girlfriend was running on Rickenbacker Drive when a man approached her with the same routine.

"So this guy is driving around with fake money and throwing it out his window and asking women if they would pick it up for him," she said.

Sidewater says when she was approached, she was in front of an elementary school. She's afraid his next target may be a child.

CBS46 reached out to the Atlanta Police Department and they say it's not a crime to be creepy and that if he didn't touch or threaten anyone, there's not much police can do. But officers say they'll continue to look out for anything suspicious.