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Neighbors and business owners concerned about Susquehanna River conditions in York County

Posted January 27, 2018 12:40 p.m. EST

— The State Emergency Management agency, local police, and fire officials are all watching the river levels along the Susquehanna tonight.

Some business owners along the river in York County say they haven't seen the water so high in nearly 20 years and are hoping the flooding doesn't get any worse.

With four feet of water at Long Level Marina, employees had to use a boat to even access the 'Olde Boathouse' to salvage what they could inside.

Water sits as high as the windows on the 'Olde Boathouse' at the marina.

Employees say that water is damaging equipment in the building.

"If we gain a few inches more, the whole well water pumping system is going down. If it comes up a little more, we're going to lose our camera system," said Jason Angle, who has worked at the marina for decades.

The water level didn't stop some boaters from taking advantage of river overflow.

Meanwhile, water from the Susquehanna River caused some parking lots and parts of Long Level Road in Lower Windsor Township to flood.

The conditions remind some people in the area of the winter flood of 1996.

"That was an evacuation, and nobody could be down here. That was a massive amount of water and ice. You know, hopefully this doesn't get to that point," said Devin Winand, a long time employee at Shank's Mare Outfitters.

Employees at the outfitters say this January isn't so bad though; they've seen more business than usual.

"There's definitely a lot of people coming down here on the weekends. It almost looks like a busy summer weekend with the amount of people coming to look at the ice," said Winand.

With people trying to get a glimpse of the Susquehanna, neighbors worry about those who may get too close.

"You have to respect the river. You got to stay away from it when it's like this because water's unforgiving. You never know what's going to happen," said Bill Moul, a neighbor who takes photos of the river.

Back at Long Level Marina, Angle has a message for people walking on the ice:

"Stay off the ice. I don't care if you're near shore, you`re not only risking your own life, you're risking the life of the person they're going to call to come rescue you," he said.

Long Level Marina has two live webcams on its website for people to monitor the river conditions from home. As for that damage, employees say it is covered by insurance. They're just thankful it's not any worse.