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Neighborhoods deal with flooding issues during storm

Posted January 5, 2018 11:23 a.m. EST

— Communities along the Connecticut shoreline are dealing with flooding issues during Blizzard Brody.

Channel 3's crew in the New London area saw snow start around 2:30 a.m. The storm delivered heavy snow and gusty winds along the shoreline.

In Old Saybrook, Route 154, which is also known as Plum Bank Road, is closed due to flooding and ice flows, fire officials tweeted.

Elm Street in Old Saybrook was "flooded and impassible." To keep drivers and residents safe, authorities have setup barriers.

There was also flooding in the area of Grove Beach Point in Westbrook near Captains Drive.

New London residents and crews are now digging out and fighting strong winds.

Getting an early start on the storm was key to the city's cleanup strategy. New London Public Works crews cleared the sidewalks and pre-treated streets with plenty of sand and salt.

"We came in at 4 o'clock, we pre-treated," Brian Sears with the New London Public Works said. "We did have a window until about 6:3 a.m. before the snow hit and we got some really good material down."

New London Public Works said it has 280 tons of a sand/salt mix available with another 500 tons being delivered. City officials said the trick is getting it down early.

"That's the key," said David DiNoia, New London Public Works superintendent. "You miss that opportunity now you've got snow bonded to frozen roads for days."

In Waterford, public works crews were busy like many towns putting down a mix of sand and calcium chloride. The biggest concern on Thursday is the wind, which may cause power outages.

One local plow contractor said he was up early to cash in on Brody.

"We're doing the best we can to keep up with the storm," Mystic Contractor Gabe De Los Santos said. "It's coming down pretty good right now."

Contractors, along with state and local plows, pretreated and cleared the roads across the state, especially in southeastern Connecticut.

"Basically [my game plan is to] stay awake until the snow hits [and] get as many driveways and parking lots done as possible," said Michael Clark of New London.