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Neighborhood holds vigil, canvasses for peace after mother killed

Posted May 9, 2018 12:02 p.m. EDT

— In the front yard of almost every home on Blain Street and Blain Court in High Point were yard signs with the message, "Stop the Killing."

"This community, the people that I've talked to, they are in shock because when you look around and you see kids playing the streets. You see a nice quiet neighborhood," said pastor Brad Lilley.

Lilley and several other members of High Point Peacemakers spent Tuesday evening canvassing the neighborhood.

"Even after we go, we want this message to keep on and carry on," he said.

The group put up yard signs and passed out fliers that also had the "Stop the Killing" message on it.

While members canvassed the area for peace, neighbors that live feet away gathered roughly a day after 33-year-old mother, Elizabeth Smith, was shot and killed in front of her young children.

"This is for her friends, all her loved ones and close ones that we don't know. We will be the supporter," said a neighbor who helped organize the vigil.

A small group of people gathered outside of the home where Smith was shot. They brought balloons and prayed for her and her two children.

Several of the neighbors tell FOX8 that they barely knew Smith.

"We don't know anyone to try and reach out to the family, but she sees us right now. She sees where our hearts at right now," another neighbor said.

Some neighbors say the tragedy has brought most of the neighborhood together for the first time.

"It's not like we are not, but this will definitely bring us closer and get to know each other better," one person said.

Alvin Smith, the man who police say killed his wife, is expected to make his first court appearance Wednesday afternoon.