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Need a smile? Check out these baby lemurs, including triplets born at Duke Lemur Center

Posted July 27, 2020 4:04 p.m. EDT

Blue-eyed black lemur 'Brady' with his mother. Photo from the Duke Lemur Center's Facebook.

— Last week, the Duke Lemur Center celebrated #BabyWeek2020, posting pictures of adorable baby lemurs and educating people about lemurs on their social media platforms.

The week culminated in the announcement of the birth of triplet ruffed lemurs, a critically endangered species. Their names are Sunshine, Orbit and Sputnik, and they were born to parents Halley and Ravo.

“Triplets were a surprise,” says Melanie Curry, one of the infants’ primary caretakers, in a blog post on the center's website. “Halley has had twins twice before, and her ultrasound had showed ‘at least two’ infants, so we’d assumed there would be two babies as usual. It’s wonderful to have three!”

You can read more about that on that blog post.

Because we all could use a few moments of adorable cuteness in our lives these days, I thought I'd share a few highlights. Remember that the lemur center in Durham also offers weekly virtual education programs too.

Now check out these cute faces:

Sunshine, Orbit and Sputnik

Terence, Didius and Brady