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NCCU basketball coach honors single mothers with 5-star treatment

Posted October 2, 2016 10:29 p.m. EDT

— Local single mothers received five-star treatment Sunday night, courtesy of North Carolina Central University head basketball coach LeVelle Moton.

Moton said the motivation behind the event is his own mother. He’s seen firsthand what single motherhood looks like and he simply wants mothers in our community to know he and others see and appreciate them.

Above all else, the mothers who were in the room love their children with no exceptions.

‘It’s definitely a blessing. I wouldn’t trade my son for the world,” said Brittany Venable.

Like Venable, most of the mothers can agree that being a single mother has its set of challenges.

Moton said he and his brother were raised by a single mother in a housing project, which is why he started the annual Single Mother’s Salute, a concept that was in the works years before it came to fruition.

“The Single Mother’s Salute was born probably when I was nine or 10. I just didn’t have the money or the resources or the platform to provide the opportunity,” he said.

About 100 single mothers on Sunday received red carpet treatment. Dinner, fresh roses, giveaways and community resources were provided.

One thing they received that can’t be quantified is appreciation. Many of the mothers were at the event because of anonymous nominations from someone who unknowingly watched and felt they deserved the honor.

“These are just things that I’m supposed to do because I want the best for my child and for other children and to receive this nomination not knowing who it came from, it was truly an honor to me,” mother Nicole Edwards said.

Venable was clear that the event was not a pity party for single mothers but a celebration and a salute.

“Whether the father chose not to be there or whether or not there was a divorce or whatever, you get here how you get here but it’s how you take those cards and deal with it,” she said.

Many members of the NCCU basketball team were at the event and helped escort the ladies to their seats. Moton said some of his players come from single parent homes and it was special for them to be part of the celebration as well.