NC State plans to 'gate' busy street through campus

Posted June 22, 2012 5:22 p.m. EDT
Updated June 22, 2012 7:59 p.m. EDT

— North Carolina State University plans to put up an access gate to a busy road on the campus in an effort to reduce vehicle traffic in the area.

Installation is expected to happen later this summer in the vicinity of a railroad bridge – between Yarbrough and Thurman drives – on Dan Allen Drive, which runs from Hillsborough Street and extends across Western Boulevard.

Brian O'Sullivan, assistant director of N.C. State's transportation department, says the move is aimed at making the campus more pedestrian-friendly.

"We’re trying to take bites and alter the atmosphere without removing all parking," O'Sullivan said.

Between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays, traffic will be limited to the university's Wolfline bus fleet and university and emergency vehicles.

Motorists will still be able to access the Dan Allen Parking Deck, near the railroad, from Hillsborough Street.

Drivers, however, have expressed concerns about an increased volume of traffic on Hillsborough Street.

O'Sullivan admits the plan will add to existing congestion.

"Theoretically, we're increasing – for certain trips, marginally increasing – that delay in an already-bad situation," he said.

N.C. State students, like Molly Renaud, welcome the move.

"I either walk or take my bike, and Dan Allen is not a fun place to be for pedestrians," she said. "I think it'll definitely be better for students walking around. Less traffic is always better for pedestrians."