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NC based nonprofit looking for additional host families for international students

Posted June 3, 2016 6:16 p.m. EDT

— Borderless Friends Forever Foundation, headquartered in Cary, is a nonprofit organization for international exchange students. This year, the program has a total of 75 kids, but nearly half are still in need of a home.

"We have families that are single people that host a student. We have families with five children who host, and we have people with no kids who host students," said Crystal Allis, the organization's executive director.

Borderless Friends Forever has two different programs - one is a full year and one for a summer.

According to Allis, about 35 students are currently in need of a host family. If no one volunteers, they cannot be placed.

"The students are amazing," said Dan Matthys, a host parent. "If more families gave it a chance and understood what it was all about, they would see the rewards of it."

Marima Muhic, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, is coming to the end of her 10-month stay in Apex.

When she learned of the shortage of families, she began encouraging more people to sign up.

"I feel like it is an amazing way to travel the world without actually leaving your house because every single student comes in willing to learn about America, but also shared their own culture," Muhic said.

For families who may be on the fence, Allis said the qualifications are simple.

"You need to have love. You need to have space for them to sleep. You need to be able to feed them three meals a day, you know set another plate at your table and be able to offer them guidance and parent them through the year," she said.

To host a student for the summer, the deadline is June 15. Students who stay for the year go to school. The deadline to register for the year-long program is July 30.