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NC A&T's homecoming weekend expected to bring economic boost to businesses

Posted October 5, 2017 11:04 a.m. EDT

— The festivities are already underway as North Carolina A&T State University celebrates its homecoming this week.

A lot of people are expected to be in the area for it as many area businesses look forward to the big weekend.

"It's huge! It also gives us as barber's time to see what's out there. What's the trending look," said Kirk Thorpe, barber at Heads Up Barber & Beauty in Greensboro.

Days before homecoming weekend, many are rushing to make their appointments at barbershops like Heads Up.

"We are open as long as they keep coming. You know, as long as they are coming most barbershops will stay open past regular hours," Thorpe said.

This weekend will bring in a lot of current and new clients for barbers there.

"You never know who's going to be in town. You got management, you got other companies. You got some of everybody," Thorpe said.

The same busy weekend is true for Fat Tuesday in downtown Greensboro.

"Man, this is one of the events that we have been looking forward to all year. My partner Richard Stokes is an A&T alum so it's really big for us. We have really been supported by the people who attend the university," Fat Tuesday owner TJ Strickland said.

Only three months in and this weekend is expected to be busier than their opening weekend back in July.

"The orders that we have placed in the last week have been twice of what we placed for opening week," Strickland said.

Both Fat Tuesday and Heads Up are expecting to make a lot of money this weekend, but it's a weekend both businesses say has a bigger meaning.

"It kind of just makes my heart smile to see people enjoy this place," Strickland said.

"So many people come back and they give back," Thorpe said.?