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Collins, Pivotal Senate Moderate, Says ‘Hostility’ to Roe Would Sway Her Vote

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Collins, Pivotal Senate Moderate, Says ‘Hostility’ to Roe Would Sway Her Vote

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, a moderate whose vote could prove decisive in filling the Supreme Court’s vacant seat, said Sunday that she would not vote for a nominee who showed “hostility” toward Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision. The remarks appeared to edge beyond the position that Collins staked out last week, when she made clear that she saw Roe v. Wade as a precedent that should not be overturned. Collins is one of two Republican senators who have shown themselves willing to break with their party over the issue. The other is Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska.

820 Children Under 6 Living in Projects Have High Lead Levels, New York City Says

The New York City Department of Health said that 820 children younger than 6 residing in public housing were found to have elevated levels of lead in their blood between 2012 and 2016. The children tested positive for lead levels of 5 to 9 micrograms per deciliter. Officials said that the Health Department sent “detailed letters” alerting the children’s parents and health care providers, but did not inspect apartments the children lived in because the city policy requires a lead level of 10 micrograms per deciliter before an apartment would be inspected or New York City Housing Authority notified.

Officials Identify a Source in the Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak

The strain of E. coli bacteria that contaminated romaine lettuce and was tied to the deaths of five people was found in a tainted irrigation canal in the Yuma area of Arizona, officials said Thursday. Health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the lettuce that caused the national outbreak was linked to many farms in the region. Questions remain about how the bacteria ended up in the canal. Of the five people who died, two lived in Minnesota, and the others were from Arkansas, California and New York. Those sickened were from 36 states.

Man on Stabbing Rampage Targeted Children at a 3-Year-Old’s Birthday Party, Police Say

A man targeted children attending a 3-year-old’s birthday party during a stabbing rampage that wounded nine people at an apartment complex in Idaho on Saturday night, police said. Officials said Timmy Kinner, 30, had returned to the complex around 8:45 p.m. Saturday, a day after he was asked to leave. Kinner began attacking the children with a knife. Among the victims were the 3-year-old who was celebrating her birthday, two 4-year-olds, a 6-year-old, an 8-year-old and a 12-year-old. The three other victims were adults who tried to intervene. Four victims received life-threatening injuries.

Neighbor Calls Police on a 12-Year-Old Boy Mowing the Grass

In the video she streamed live on Facebook, Lucille Holt-Colden is effusive in her praise of 12-year-old Reginald Fields and his friends as they mow the front lawn of her Maple Heights, Ohio home. Half an hour later, Holt-Colden was not so pleased. In another video, a police vehicle can be seen in the background after a neighbor called to complain that Reggie had cut the grass on his side of the property line. The episode in Maple Heights, outside Cleveland, was the latest example of police being called on black people engaged in innocuous behavior, such as barbecuing, selling bottles of water, sitting in a Starbucks or napping in a college lounge.

Woman Assaulted Black Boy Who ‘Did Not Belong’ at Pool, Officials Say

A South Carolina woman has been charged with assault after a video showed her accosting a black boy and his friends at a neighborhood pool. Officials said as Stephanie Sebby-Strempel, 38, of Summerville, South Carolina, told the boy, 15, and his friends that “they did not belong” at the pool, instructed them to leave and hit the teenager in his face and chest. The teenager had been invited to the private community pool by a friend, his lawyer said. Sebby-Strempel was charged with third-degree assault, as well as two counts of assaulting a police officer while resisting arrest.

LeBron James Heading West in Deal With Lakers

LeBron James announced Sunday night that he would join the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency and sign a four-year, $154 million contract. James, who has been on NBA champion teams three times, has chosen to switch teams for the third time in his career, opting to leave his home-state Cleveland Cavaliers. After four seasons, four consecutive trips to the NBA Finals and one unforgettable title run in 2016 with the Cavaliers, James will play in the Western Conference for the first time. James began his professional career when Cleveland made him the No. 1 pick in the 2003 draft.

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