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Posted May 30, 2018 10:08 p.m. EDT

For ‘Columbiners,’ School Shootings Have a Deadly Allure

The reasons why a teenage gunman shot his fellow students and teachers at Santa Fe High School in Texas remain a mystery. His model for carrying it out is clear. The 17-year-old wore a black trenchcoat and fired a sawed-off shotgun, the same attire and weaponry used by the two gunmen in the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado in 1999. Investigators say young men are drawn to the Columbine subculture because they see it as a way to lash out at the world and to get the attention of a society that they believe bullies, ignores or misunderstands them.

Trump Again Says He Wishes Sessions Were Not Attorney General

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he wished he had chosen another lawyer to be his attorney general, instead of Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the Russia investigation early in the Trump administration. But Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said later that the president would not fire Sessions — at least not before the Russia inquiry has concluded. Trump was responding on Twitter to a CBS interview with Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., who had said the president was justified in his frustration because Sessions did not tell Trump he planned to recuse himself.

A Racist Post, A TV Apology, A Trump Gripe

It was not the racist comment that made the president angry. It was the apology from ABC. Wading into a public outcry over remarks made by comedian Roseanne Barr, President Donald Trump did not condemn on Wednesday the language she had employed in a Twitter post about a black former aide to President Barack Obama that led to the swift cancellation of her popular ABC sitcom, “Roseanne.” Instead he expressed his own grievances with the network over what its on-air personalities have said about him, and said that he was the one who deserved an apology.

For Giuliani (Boo!), Yankee Stadium Is No Longer a Safe Space

The boos cascaded from the stands, wafting over New York City’s Monument Park, turning a moment of between-inning indifference at Yankee Stadium to a visceral spirit cleansing. That it was directed toward a former mayor was no surprise; sports fans excel at heaping opprobrium on political leaders when they intrude into their temples. But that it occurred to Rudy Giuliani, on the occasion of his 74th birthday on Memorial Day, in a stadium that has long been a safe space, was different — a reflection, perhaps, of how Giuliani and the city he once led have drifted apart.

They Let Their 15-Year-Old Son Smoke Pot to Stop His Seizures. Georgia Took Him Away.

The pharmaceuticals weren’t working. The 15-year-old boy was having several seizures per day, and his parents were concerned his life was in danger. So Suzeanna and Matthew Brill, of Macon, Georgia, decided in February to let their son try smoking marijuana — and his seizures stopped for 71 days, they say. The Brills’ decision led to the boy, David, being taken away from his parents, who face possible fines and jail time after being charged with reckless conduct for giving him the drug. David has been in a group home for 30 days, and his seizures have returned.

Judge Suggests Review of Cohen Documents Is Moving Too Slowly

A federal judge in Manhattan on Wednesday ordered lawyers for Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s longtime fixer, to complete within just over two weeks their review of a huge trove of documents and data that the FBI seized from Cohen last month and that prosecutors are eager to use in their continuing investigation of him. Judge Kimba M. Wood said that if the lawyers did not meet her June 15 deadline, she would allow the government to take control of the review, which is seeking to determine whether any of the seized paperwork or electronic files should be protected under lawyer-client privilege.

Weinstein Indicted on Rape and Criminal Sexual Act Charges

A grand jury voted on Wednesday to indict Harvey Weinstein on charges he forced one woman to perform oral sex in his office and that he raped a second woman at a hotel, the Manhattan district attorney said. The indictment was handed up less than a week after police arrested Weinstein. It followed several months of investigation by prosecutors and police into numerous sex-crime allegations against the movie producer. “This indictment brings the defendant another step closer to accountability for the crimes of violence with which he is now charged,” the district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., said in a statement.

After Years of Trying, Virginia Finally Will Expand Medicaid

Virginia’s Republican-controlled Senate voted Wednesday to open Medicaid to an additional 400,000 low-income adults next year, making it all but certain that the state will join 32 others that have already expanded the public health insurance program under the Affordable Care Act. Republican lawmakers in the state had blocked Medicaid expansion for four straight years, but a number of them dropped their opposition after their party almost lost the House of Delegates in elections last fall and voters named health care as a top issue. Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat elected last fall, has been a vocal proponent of the expansion.