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Posted May 20, 2018 9:38 p.m. EDT

Santa Fe High’s Baseball Team Takes the Field, Shadowed by Tragedy

The Santa Fe Indians baseball team played the Kingwood Park Panthers on Saturday night, a day after the Santa Fe players fled a high school that echoed with gunfire as a student killed 10 people. They did not have to be here. At a meeting Friday, hours after the shooting, parents and coaches left the decision on postponing the game to the players, who decided to play. Santa Fe pitcher Tyler Fountain, 18, said it was the hardest game he ever played. “I tried to do my best,” Fountain said after his team lost, 7-0.

Trump Demands Inquiry Into Whether Justice Department ‘Infiltrated’ Campaign

President Donald Trump on Sunday demanded that the Justice Department investigate whether the department or FBI “infiltrated or surveilled” his campaign at the behest of the Obama administration. Trump made the order on Twitter during a day of public venting about the special counsel investigation. But in doing so, Trump crossed over into applying overt presidential pressure on the Justice Department to do his bidding. In response, the Justice Department asked its internal watchdog, the Office of the Inspector General, to expand its inquiry into the surveillance of a former Trump campaign official to include Trump's questions.

Youths Keep Marching After Parkland, This Time Toward the Ballot Box

The pace of new voter registrations among young people in crucial states is accelerating, a signal that school shootings this year — and the anger and political organizing in their wake — may prove to be more than ephemeral displays of activism. They could even help shape the outcome of the midterm elections. If voters in their teens and 20s vote in greater numbers than usual, as many promised during marches for gun control this spring, the groundswell could affect close races in states like Arizona and Florida.

Cougar Attacks Two Bicyclists in Washington State, Killing One

Two friends riding their bikes in a mountainous, wooded area of Washington state Saturday morning were attacked by a cougar, which killed one of them, officials said. The two at first scared off the 100-pound male cougar. But the animal returned, an official said. It attacked Isaac M. Sederbaum, then released him and chased the other cyclist, Sonja J. Brooks. Sederbaum told authorities that he had to travel about 2 miles before getting a cellphone signal and calling 911. Officers found Brooks' body in what appeared to be the cougar’s den. The cat was killed by officers.

Out of Prison, Back to Congress? Grimm Is Trying on Staten Island

Across the country, Republican candidates are racing to out-Trump each other in congressional primaries. Former Congressman Michael Grimm, a federal tax felon, is trying to do so on New York's Staten Island. And Democrats are watching the contest closely, convinced that a Grimm nomination could put the seat in play in the fall and bolster their effort to flip the House. For now, the Republican primary has become an early test of whether reputationally damaged candidates like Grimm can harness President Donald Trump’s rampaging political instincts for themselves.

K2 Eyed as Culprit After 14 People Overdose in Brooklyn

As Efraín Rodriguez was standing outside a Brooklyn coffee shop Saturday night, several people smoking started falling to the ground. Emergency workers ended up treating 14 people believed to have been sickened by the synthetic drug K2, police said. Some patients were found unconscious, struggling to breathe and vomiting. All were given doses of naloxone, an opioid overdose reversal drug, and taken to hospitals, police said. All are expected to survive. Investigators on Sunday were seeking search warrants for two delis where three men were arrested Saturday for selling untaxed cigarettes, police said.

Man Intentionally Plowed Vehicle Into a Restaurant, Killing His Daughter, Police Say

A North Carolina man intentionally drove a vehicle into a restaurant Sunday, killing two people — including his daughter — and injuring several others, authorities said. Chief Tom Ellis of the Bessemer City Police Department said officers were called to the Surf & Turf Lodge after receiving reports that a car had crashed into a building. Police arrested the driver, whom Ellis identified as Roger Self, 62. Two people were declared dead at the scene, he said. Several others were injured and transported to hospitals. Sheriff Alan Cloninger of Gaston County said Katelyn Self, 26, a jail deputy, was killed.