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Immigration and Infrastructure in State of Union, if Trump Follows Script

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Immigration and Infrastructure in State of Union, if Trump Follows Script

President Donald Trump has spent his first year in office breaking every rule of presidential communication. But Tuesday, Trump will embrace the most traditional of presidential venues — his first State of the Union address before Congress. If he sticks to the script, the president is expected to call on Congress to spend $1 trillion to rebuild bridges, freeways, sewers and airports. And he will use the speech to lobby millions of viewers on behalf of his plan to make conservative changes to the nation’s immigration system while also granting citizenship to as many as 1.8 million young immigrants.

Casino Mogul Resigns as Finance Chairman of RNC

Stephen Wynn, the billionaire casino mogul and prominent political donor, has stepped down as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. He left the post, for which he had been hand-picked by President Donald Trump, after being accused of a yearslong pattern of sexual misconduct with his casino employees. An investigative report in The Wall Street Journal on Friday said Wynn had frequently demanded naked massages from female employees, and had sometimes pressured them to engage in sexual intercourse or to perform sex acts on him. Wynn had faced growing calls to step aside.

New York Attorney General to Investigate Firm That Sells Fake Followers

New York state Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman on Saturday began investigating a company that sold millions of fake followers on social media platforms. The company, Devumi, and its sale of automated followers to a swath of celebrities, sports stars, journalists and politicians, was detailed in a New York Times article. At least 55,000 of Devumi’s “bot” accounts used names, pictures, hometowns and other details taken from people on Twitter. The investigation is the latest in a series of federal and state inquiries. Tens of millions of fake accounts have been deployed to defraud businesses, influence political debates online and attract customers.

Officers in Florida Shootings Say They Can Stand Their Ground, Too

Florida’s Stand Your Ground law was meant to make sure that average residents could defend themselves without fear of arrest or trial. Now, police officers accused of using excessive force are trying to claim the law’s protection. They have sought to use the law to avoid trial in cases in which a 63-year-old man was stomped, a man in a wheelchair was beaten, and two men were shot dead in separate incidents. In some instances, judges have granted their requests. "The law says it applies to ‘any person,'” said Eric Schwartzreich, a lawyer. “Law enforcement is any person.”

43rd Time’s the Charm: In a Thriller, Wozniacki Wins Her First Slam Title

One by one, former Grand Slam champions welcomed Caroline Wozniacki to the club late Saturday night at Melbourne Park after her 7-6 (2), 3-6, 6-4 victory over Simona Halep in the Australian Open. It took Wozniacki more than a decade to join the club by winning her first major singles title. She had to save two match points in the second round and shrug off a mental lapse while serving for the match in the semifinals. She then had to summon the guts, the energy and the accuracy on the run to prevail against Halep in Saturday’s 2-hour-49-minute final.

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