National Guard, military stepping up to help after Hurricane Dorian

Posted September 7, 2019 12:17 a.m. EDT

— The North Carolina Army National Guard is stepping in to help people on the Outer Banks affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Members of the NC National Guard are working around the clock to help hundreds of people who were stranded on Ocracoke Island. There were at least eight aircrafts involved in search and rescue efforts and supply delivery to the island hit hard by the storm.

We sent Sky5 over Ocracoke Island to get a glimpse at the damage Hurricane Dorian left behind. The storm brought ferocious winds and storm surge that would spill into homes.

Governor Roy Cooper says about 800 residents on the island rode out the storm.

Guardsmen from North Carolina are stepping in with rescue efforts. They spent all of Friday loading aircraft with food and water. Also on hand were teams to help with search and rescue efforts.

Some residents had to retreat to their attics to escape the high floodwater. Those with medical needs had to fly inland to receive medical care.

“Whenever a storm like this comes through, you never know what to expect,” said Patrick Kerfoot with the NC Army National Guard.

Monthly drills help him and other guardsmen know how to respond when disaster strikes.

“It feels very good to help our local population and to get them back on their feet,” Kerfoot said.

National Guard officials said they plan to fly in and out of the island until about noon Saturday.