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National days add flair to the first day of summer

The sun is out in full force, and we citizens of south Georgia are feeling the heat.

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Gypsy Crow
ALBANY, GA — The sun is out in full force, and we citizens of south Georgia are feeling the heat.

So today, turn up your air conditioner, pour yourself a glass of iced tea and invest in a good pair of UV-filtered sunglasses and a bottle of sunscreen because summer is here. That's right. Forget the 90-degree weather and the window-fogging humidity that already has struck us like a hammer, today is the first day of summer.

Now the real hot weather begins.

Fight the heat by making a day of it with these national days celebrated and spread the solstice love.

- National Peaches 'N' Cream Day

- Go Skateboarding Day

- National Daylight Appreciation Day

- National Seashell Day

- National Selfie Day

Ask anyone in Georgia what our "thing" is.You would probably get answers like pecans, cotton and peanuts, but today is not a day for pecans, cotton or peanuts. No, this Thursday we're celebrating peaches with a peach state of mind. National Peaches 'N' Cream Day is the perfect opportunity to sit down with a hot serving of peach cobbler topped with a heaping pile of ice cream. Who doesn't love cobbler with ice cream? Tip: You can get everything you need for a quick fix in the frozen aisle, but you didn't hear it from me.

If you prefer to spend the day outside and on wheels, Go Skateboarding Day is the event for you. Head down to the skate park in Albany with your friends and family to flesh out your new skills. Also, to prevent other types of "fleshing out," remember to wear protective head, knee and elbow gear. Skate responsibly.

Try a little self-care with National Daylight Appreciation Day. A quick google search will yield more than 10 million results for how the sun affects mental and physical health. We know that Vitamin D is important, but why? According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, there's a lot going on when it comes to Vitamin D and the sun. Vitamin D is produced when the sun touches the skin, sort of like photosynthesis for plants. Skipping the long science lesson, Vitamin D is needed for your body to maintain calcium and phosphorous levels to support everything from your muscles to your bones. Sunlight helps produce serotonin, which affects your mood, which then converts to melatonin, which helps you sleep at night. Happy and well-rested? Sign me up.

Cut out of work early and take a quick trip to the beach for National Seashell Day. Try out some cool art projects with the kids and grandkids or maybe make some seashell necklaces. See what different colors and shapes you can find.

Embrace your inner Rembrandt and perfect your own self-portrait for National Selfie Day. Don't let negative nay-sayers take away the fun of a quick selfie alone or with friends. Remember, you're helping out your future great-grandchildren know what you looked like, and you're providing much-needed anthropological evidence for the historians in our chrome-plated future. Taking selfies is a public service. Try them out with some cute filters or go to a restaurant or shop you've never been before to mix up your selfie game. Maybe take a selfie at the beach. You've earned it.

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