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Nashville plays role in sending instruments around the world

Posted October 17, 2017 4:16 p.m. EDT

— The joy of making music in far away, underdeveloped places took a mission to happen. Those instruments often come from Nashville.

Dusty and out of tune won't stop Josh Edwards' worldwide effort. He'll soon be sending instruments to Central America.

"They said they were interested in this new trumpet, so what we're going to do is take it to a school down there," Edwards said.

Stacked inside a Nashville church, the instruments are on their way to places like Zambia, Haiti and Nepal. It's all part of a belief that music makes life better.

"It's about musicians and people affected by the power of music, which is essentially everybody," Edwards said.

Edwards figured he couldn't help with food or shelter. Others already handle that.

"What they don't have is a way to reach what's inside of people," he said. "Music inspires, it lifts you up, it gives you joy. It can give you a means to express something dark inside of you, and a lot of people we serve have experienced trauma.

Edwards' effort is called Instruments of Joy. He said life in many places can be difficult, but if a chance at music can bring a moment of joy to the day, he'll keep finding instruments to send.