Supporters rally behind Nash-Rocky Mount superintendent following resignation

Posted July 6, 2015 10:15 p.m. EDT

— Supporters of Anthony D. Jackson, superintendent of Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools, pushed to have him reinstated Monday night at a packed school board meeting.

Jackson resigned June 29 after a lengthy closed door meeting with school board members. In comments following the board's 6-5 vote accepting his resignation, he alluded to being forced out of his job.

Supporters say Jackson improved education outcomes, introduced technology and gained recognition for the district.

"The losers are the children and people who have benefited from Dr. Jackson's vision," Sheradon Barnes said.

Those who want a new superintendent say Jackson brought other things to the school system.

"He came in making sweeping changes, but teachers have been choking on all of the new rules," Mary-Jo Connor, a retired teacher, said.

Other teachers agreed. They said a culture of fear keeps many teachers silent.

"Friends in the system are afraid to be here," Jennifer Aycock said. "I know people who work all around this system, and none of them say they like it here."

Board member, Wendy Wilson is among the members who voted to accept Jackson's forced resignation. She said the board does not plan to bring the superintendent back.

"The six of us remain unified in our decision from last Monday night," she said.

Jackson's resignation is effective mid-July. The board plans to post an opening for a new superintendent immediately.