Work, play and thrive in Nash County

Located in Eastern North Carolina and just 45 minutes from downtown Raleigh, Nash County offers small-town living without sacrificing the perks of the city. While the history of the county dates back centuries ago to tobacco farming and the textile industry, within the past decade, the area has transformed into a hub for industry, from manufacturing to food distribution to pharmaceuticals.

As growth continues to come to Nash County, the area is filled with exciting new projects, from the mixed-use Nashville Junction to numerous new housing developments and subdivisions across the county to its proximity to the CSX Carolina Connector Intermodal Terminal

While embracing modernization, the county also works to maintain its historic roots. From the recently reinvented multi-use hub at Rocky Mount Mills to the well-kept scenic sites along the Tar River, Nash County exemplifies the perfect blend of moving forward while preserving its storied past.