Musical Musings

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It’s great to be back in the WRAL anchor saddle again after a working vacation. I spent the week trying to get back into the holiday spirit. I was in my studio recording tracks for a Christmas album inspired by the best-selling Mitford series. Author Jan Karon plays my music on her web site and I thought it would be fun to put together a compilation of songs reflecting the warmth of her celebrated novels. The basic tracks for 14 tunes are recorded. Instrumentation includes harp by Anita Burroughs-Price and piano by Bill Covington along with my usual array of Celtic whistles, acoustic guitar, violin and cello. There are eight traditional tunes and six original songs. We’re still working on a name for the album. The tentative release date is November 1.

With all of this music swimming in my head I thought it would be fun to blog about favorite songs.

Here are the questions:

(1) What is your favorite song for relaxation?
(2) What is your favorite song for the gym?

(3) What is your favorite song for inspiration?

For relaxation I would have to go with Cricket’s Wicket by Nightnoise. For the gym the main battle theme from Gladiator really gets me going. And for inspiration I will take just about anything from Max Richter. What about your favorite songs?


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