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Museum's new bear needs a CT scan

Doctors need to take a close-up look to figure out why Yona, the Museum of Life and Science's bear, keeps limping.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall
Some news from the Museum of Life and Science in Durham.

The museum's newest black bear, Yona, will be getting a CT scan next Tuesday to figure out why she's had a recurring limp. Yona arrived at the museum in January about a year after she was found abandoned on a Tennessee road.

Sherry Samuels, the museum's animal department director, said she may have been born with the problem or something could have happened to her before she was found.

A variety of experts, including several at N.C. State Veterinary Teaching Hospital, have been assessing Yona's condition. She has been found to have an angular limb deformity.

"We're hoping she's fine," Samuels says. "She's getting the best care possible."

And she's otherwise doing fine. She still enjoys climbing the mulberry tree, swimming in the pool, and wrestling with Gus, the four-year-old bear.

I went over to the museum a couple of months ago to see Yona. Check the video here. So cute!

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