Celebrating nature, inspiring good

Created by Philip Freeman and named after his beloved dog Murphy, Murphy's Naturals provides effective and earth-friendly natural products. A certified B Corporation, the company strives to maintain the highest social, environmental, and ethical standards, while also providing consumers with quality products.

While Murphy's Naturals offerings are ever-growing, the company currently provides a variety of insect repellents — including sprays, balms, candles and incense — as well as hand sanitizer. Each product is crafted using responsibly sourced, plant-based materials, and ingredients are clearly displayed and free of harmful chemicals.

In addition to their commitment to protecting the environment, Murphy's Naturals is also dedicated to helping the community. The company allocates 2 percent of its gross revenue to goodwill organizations and nonprofits, whether that be veteran-owned small businesses or local food banks.

Above all, Murphy's Naturals is dedicated to celebrating nature, inspiring goods, and providing people with quality natural products.