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Mr. Bean brings comfort, happiness to families at Ronald McDonald House

Posted November 6, 2017 4:33 p.m. EST

— There is nothing quite like the love of a dog. They seem to know exactly when their loved ones need a little extra TLC.

Mr. Bean is an 8-year-old mixed breed rescue who calls the Ronald McDonald House home.

In 2016 alone, more than 7,000 families stayed at the Ronald McDonald House, and there's one staff member most people will never forget.

"Mr. Bean came to us at Ronald McDonald house charities six years ago. His adoptaversary was just last week," said Tami Greenberg, Ronald McDonald House CEO. "He was given to us by our friends at Wayside Waifs, and he is a member of our staff. He is our director of love and compassion."

Mr. Bean is the resident dog at the house where families can stay while their children are undergoing lifesaving treatments. In a home that has seen the highest of highs and most heartbreaking of lows, he is there.

"I also think he knows who needs a little extra from him, who is extra sad, who is extra scared," Greenberg said.

The Peterson family lives near Wichita and moved into the Ronald McDonald house last year just before baby Libby was born.

At barely four months old, Libby underwent a heart transplant. Today, she is thriving.

"She's doing amazing. We had a checkup, and they said we're doing good," Jill Peterson said.

The Petersons say one of the best things about Ronald McDonald House was Mr. Bean.

"Mr. Bean came and greeted us at the door and just looked so cute. My son was with us. My son just took to him and just loved on him. It was amazing," Peterson said.

Not only for her little boy Lane but for mom and dad as well. They say Mr. Bean offered them comfort during a very difficult time.

"You could be having a bad day and you just come over here and he just cheers you up," Peterson said.

In exchange for all he provides to his patients, Mr. Bean is provided with a wonderful life. One full of love and affection and even weekly spa treatments.

It's the least they can do they say for a dog who does so much.

"People love him automatically because I think in the same way that kids bring out something special in all of us animals do too," Greenberg said.

Mr. Bean even has his own book. Each copy costs $12.95 and all the proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House.