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Mother still looking for answers 3 years after son's murder

Posted January 2, 2018 11:57 a.m. EST

— The holiday season is usually filled with joy and family but for Shondra Hill it's a time of loss and sadness. Hill's son, Timothy Williams was murdered 3 years ago. She and her family say they're still no closer to finding out who killed him.

The last 3 years for Shondra Hill and her family have been a roller coaster. She says it's especially difficult during this time, not just because of the holidays, but because its the anniversary of the day her world was turned upside down. She knows she can't get her son back, but she says she'll never be able to move on until she knows why.

"And still today, I don't have an answer," said Hill. "I couldn't believe that somebody would do that."

It was December 16, 2014, when she last heard from her son Timothy Williams.

"I guess I didn't think it would happen to us."

10 days later, the day after Christmas, he was found shot to death in a ditch on Sheldon Beach Road.

"It's been real hard for me. It's hard to talk about. Not to know the last hours of the things your child went through. That somebody would just do that," said Hill.

This time of year is especially hard for this family because they say it was Tim's favorite time of year.

"When December comes around., it just seems like its never ending. it's the hardest time of the month," said Hill.

For Hill, the battle has been tedious but her family has never left her side. Her son, Reginald Williams says he's seen this saga play out right before his eyes.

"Its very hard. It's very hard to see my mom going through all this pain. Nobody wants to bury their child and then a couple of weeks after that my stepdad died. So it's very hard. My mom had to bury two people in one month," said Williams.

Even after 3 painful years, this family is standing on their faith and clinging on to the love they share, hoping that something would turn up soon.

"I want justice for my brother. He had a lot of life, left to live," said Williams.

"And I hope that the Lord allows me to know what happened before I leave this earth. It's just not fair," added Hill.

Family members are asking anyone who knows something to call the police. They also want the public to know they're still offering a reward upon arrest and conviction of a suspect.