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Mother: Fort Bragg soldier convicted in cop shooting had PTSD

Posted September 16, 2015 6:46 p.m. EDT

— The mother of a Fort Bragg soldier convicted of shooting at police and firemen wants less prison time and more understanding for her son.

Lawyers for Staff Sgt. Joshua Eisenhauer said post-traumatic stress disorder played a role in his actions during a four-hour standoff, but the judge said that didn't matter and sentenced him to up to 18 years.

Eisenhauer, who served two terms in Afghanistan, fired several shots at police and firefighters responding to a fire at his apartment in January 2012.

Eisenhauer’s mother, Dawn Erickson, who lives and works in Afghanistan, has filed a motion for relief with the courts to try and get her son out of jail and into a mental health facility to treat him for PTSD.

“We can only hope that there is justice in North Carolina. I didn’t see it on August 6th,” said Erickson.

Eisenhauer was shot four times during the standoff with police before being taken into custody.

During his sentencing hearing, witnesses including a mental health expert said that Eisenhauer suffered from PTSD. He thought he was in a fire fight with the enemy during the 2012 incident.

Erickson said her son was moved last week from Central Prison to Pender Correctional Institute.

“He can’t think. He said he can’t focus to read or write a letter,” said Erickson. “He has PTSD. He’s not being treated for his PTSD. He doesn’t really know what’s going to happen to him there.”

Eisenhauer is now facing a separation hearing that will put him out of the Army officially. The question that lingers is whether the separation will be honorable.

“I hope not,” said Erickson. “It would break his heart and it would break mine. He served honorably.”

Eisenhauer's seperation hearing is scheduled for Oct. 8 and Fort Bragg.