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More armadillos moving into Tennessee

Posted May 17, 2018 2:10 p.m. EDT

— Armadillos have been spreading into Tennessee the past three decades because of rising temperatures, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

The armadillos are coming from southern Georgia and Alabama, and some even from South America.

"Armadillos, everybody sees them on the side of the road," said Barry Cross, a spokesman for the TWRA. "They are mostly nocturnal animals and not native to Tennessee, migrating to Tennessee from the South and the West."

Armadillos can live up to 20 years and grow up to 30 inches long.

Experts said they won't ever attack you, but you still need to run them off for your safety.

"You don't want wildlife digging around homes," said Cross. "You're out walking and might step in a hole."

Experts said while they are making warmer states home, many will end up as roadkill because of their poor eyesight.