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More APD officers added to patrol Atlanta Beltline

Posted December 4, 2017 4:21 p.m. EST

— Atlanta's Beltline is booming.

"It's connected to all the things we want to go to."

With new businesses moving in and nearby property values skyrocketing for what's essentially a sidewalk that combines arts and athletics

Last year, Atlanta Police say more than two million people used the Beltline. And that number is expected to grow as the Beltline keeps expanding.

"During the weekends I avoid the Beltline because its overcrowded," said Old Fourth Ward resident Randy Amphonephong.

Locals say more people on the Beltline brings more safety concerns.

"I think if we make this a more secure area than everyone will become comfortable being around here," said Marissa Ghani.

Now APD is addressing those concerns by adding 15 more path force officers over three years.

"We think it will definitely help us out when it comes to public safety on the Beltline."

John Baxter says the money to pay for these additional officers comes from a $1.8 million grant from the department of justice.

"We bring our own families out on the Beltline. I bring my wife my kids so we all have a vested interest in keeping it safe," said Baxter.

Though police will monitor the Beltline with these surveillance cameras most officers will be visible riding bikes on the Beltline.

"Pick a piece of the Beltline and now behind the scenes and being visible there's a group of APD officers dedicated to people and keeping it safe."

The city council has to vote to accept this grant. And if it does that's when APD will start hiring these new officers.

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