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Moore Square bus station makeover to include new bathrooms, walkway

Posted August 5, 2014 4:35 p.m. EDT
Updated August 5, 2014 6:30 p.m. EDT

— Raleigh city leaders got a better glimpse Tuesday of detailed renovation plans for Moore Square Transit Station, and the design shows big changes in store for the 1980s-era hub.

Work could begin next year on the $7 million project to upgrade the bus station with new bathrooms, new elevators and stairs, a central ticketing window with big screens showing departures and arrivals, a third lane for more buses and a walkway to connect Wilmington Street to Moore Square.

The design plan unveiled to City Council members Tuesday also includes the renovation of a courtyard between the station and neighboring businesses.

“We would love for that space in the future to be activated with restaurants and tables. It would just be a nice, enjoyable place to be,” transit administrator David Eatman said. “It’s a very busy place in a very confined space, so we're going to be expanding Moore Square.”

Eatman said the renovation will complement the planned Union Station transportation hub, which will include bus service to help relieve some of the congestion at Moore Square.

Dwight Spencer comes through the station almost every day. He says it’s stretched to capacity, and the passenger experience could be better.

“There's not enough space for the buses to come through as they are going and coming,” he said. “There's not enough convenience down here. The bathrooms are not totally clean.”

Spencer said he’s looking forward to the upgrade.

“Our city and our county are growing by leaps and bounds, so we do need this,” he said. “It's a must that we have it.”

The project will be paid for by $3.5 million from a voter-approved bond, allocations from the city’s Capital Improvement Plan and federal and state grants.