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Monday roundup

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Bits and notes from the last few days of the Fair:

... I don't know who the guys are at A'Fair, a Middle Eastern across from Restaurant Row near the Dorton Arena, but one of them was managing to cook and boogie at the same time Monday night as Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album blasted.

... Is it just me or are the midway prizes more generic this year? There's Family Guy and South Park and a couple of old favorites like Scooby Doo, but I didn't even see a Bart Simpson.

... Speaking of prizes, there are two places on the midway that you can win a Barack Obama. One of them is for a large Obama and the other is a water race game where you can win a mini-Obama.

... The new ride, Vertigo, is a little high for my taste, but it takes a great picture.

... I was getting dinner tonight and asked at a couple of places where I could get tea. Both places recommended the mini-donut place near the Jim Graham building as the best tea in the area. (The mini-donuts aren't bad either!)

... I found another place that's selling chocolate-covered bacon (the strawberry place near the Village of Yesteryear) but I haven't run across anyone selling fried butter yet. Did I miss it?

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